Child Inclusive Mediation


A family split can have a significant impact on children. Family Mediation puts children at the heart of the discussions, and Child Inclusive Mediation brings children directly into the mediation process, so that their wishes and feelings can be better understood and taken on board by their parents to help them make decisions about their future.

Mediators have a duty to encourage parents to take into consideration their childrens’ wishes and feelings, and to give children over the age of 10 the opportunity to meet with a mediator when parents are considering the arrangements for their future.

Rebekah Gershuny is a qualified Child Inclusive Mediator which means that she has undertaken specialist training to talk with a child or children as part of the mediation process. Where it is decided that Child Inclusive Mediation is appropriate, the child or children have the opportunity to meet with Rebekah in a separate face-to-face meeting, where they can talk freely about their views and feelings.

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